Proper Floor Preparation in Staining Concrete Floors

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If you love the look of stain concrete floors, you may well be eager to tear your grungy carpets to reveal the concrete underneath. But also for those newly exposed floors often need extreme cleaning to allow them to be adorned with acid stains. Once you pull your carpet, you will never know your floor could possibly be facing ugly stains, carpet glue, paint drips, and rust spots. -stainedconcrete-


So, should you be negligent in the cleaning process, staining concrete floors can transform the entire look. Any ugly residue remaining on to the floor is likely to emerge with the newly applied stain. The concrete surface has to be cleaned thoroughly and washed over more than once. No concrete nails or indentations should be left on the surface.


If you are intending to fix any cracks or holes with quick dry concrete, you need to allow the fixed spots to dry completely before heading further to the next step.


Staining Concrete is it a trial-and error method?


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